Pinfire J1 Series Putter


Pinfire J1 Series Putter

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The design features center thru-bore milling which removes weight from the center of the putter and disperses needed weight to the outside and rear of the putter head. Thru-bore milling also provides an incredible alignment aid. The J- Series has an additional feature in the VWT (Variable Weight Technology) allowing the golfer to adjust weight for fast or slow greens. Incorporates proprietary i-Trac face milling technology. · 6061 Anodized Aerospace Aluminum · Thru-Bore Alignment Milling · Available 34” – 35” lengths · CNC milled to exact tolerances · i-Trac face milling Technology · Adjustable weight (included) from 340-440 grams · 70 degree lie angle, 4 degree loft · Right Hand Only When ordering please choose between Double Bend or Center Shaft options. Also include shaft length (built to order)

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