Black Magic 37º HWedge


Black Magic 37º HWedge

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The all new 37° Hybrid Wedge is engineered to make all those shots you would expect of a chipper to do much easier with it's patented design. Golfers will have the advantage of a 7 iron distance on full shots, along with the ability to lay the face open for unbelievable height on short shots with great spin and stopping power without ever shanking a shot. This chipper conforms to the new Groove Rule of the USGA for top-level competition. Custom Orders Available from 33" to 37" for Length, Flex and Grip thickness at no extra cost! Graphite shafts are a $15.00 per club upgrade. You can chose what flex at checkout. For Graphite, your order will ship out in 2 business days at the latest. Each wedge comes with a premium head cover. Features The set back "No Hosel" design makes the wedges virtually impossible to shank. The improved "Extra Wide" sole creates exceptional bounce, preventing the head from digging into the turf or sand. Technical Specifications: 431 Stainless Steel Head | 120 Grams Powder Coated Steel Shaft | 284 Grams Head Weight | D-4 Swing Weight | 36inch Standard Length with Regular Flex | 0 Degree Bounce Angle at impact | Conforms to New USGA Rules

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